Monday, October 27, 2008

[gTalK sTatUs]

Hi all..
some people say, ur status reflects ur can it be true ?? u judge it..
guess what ?? not ur 'status' thing, i mean ur gtalk or YM status lorr..
it's quite funny to read the status of ur friend @ enemy list..
yurp..the status express ur anger,sadness,happiness even jokes..
the status also shows how & the way u think..
here, i'll highlight the status from my gtalk list..

  1. Adlina - Available
  2. Aishah Atos - Available
  3. Ayend Rupaidi - ~~So~~ So~~
  4. Azizi GG - pikaa~
  5. Azlil - to judge someone you dont have to be a judge nor take law lessons. all you need is self confidence and a pinch of sarcasm
  6. Azra - tenet sengal la..dikala2 ni la nak down
  7. Azman Aziz - Available
  8. Badr - last week of classes ever
  9. Bob Rumet - Available
  10. Chong Hang Kin - "seberapa pantas"-Sheila On 7-
  11. Epair - OM Test & Project Mode
  12. Farrah -you were always a sure thing for me =)
zzZzzZz....dem..too many to type..i paste it here lorr..pls help urself to have a look..
dont forget to click for better view..(xkan tu pon nk ajar kot)...

My gTalk List :)


  1. errr..tenet suck!!haha..nk view list gtalk ko pn xleh..btw..nice blog azmil~~hehe..

  2. yeah yeah..
    tenet utp mmg cmni kan ?? what else can u expect from utp network ??
    soooo~ UTP...

  3. jamel baru start blog ke? bagus2
    anyway..already added u both in gtalk n blogger


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