Saturday, October 25, 2008

[ tEniS vs sQuasH ]

1st tym try main TENIS..based on invitation from saha & geng..gud game acttlly for the very 1st timer to play like me..looks stupid sometimes..but, nvm it's worth to give it a try..pergh..tenis frm my point of view, xssh mane..just nk control bola supaya x melayang tu yg agk² ssh awl² tuh..compared to squash, tenis x penat mane fun lah..mayB xpenat sbb beginners main kan..hehehe..squash penat sbb main indoor..air accumulated, less oksigen, tired squash ade memorable moments..pheewiitt..hehehe..squash pnh dpt CHAMPION dlu..year 2007 if not mistaken..main dpn rEcTor court..hehehe..teammates with aH-pump, kAsmaN & sweet mng tym tu..hehehe..

Champion Squash Carnival 2007 - In Memory

back to tenis game early morning just now..hurm..thx to Saha for coaching me td..marvelous..siap call lagi suruh turun main..hehehe..main ng dorg yg dh lame main mmg cungap skit² as a "sportsman" it doesnt matter at all..kih kih kih..but, it is a great pleasure to try new things while in UTP..dunno why suddenly, rase amat SAYANG kat UTP nih..hurm..mayB dh final sem thing yg xbest tuk every sports ni, lps main sure ade pengambilan kalori pas main, direct hit to Deli Planet tuk breakfast..2 Roti Canai plss..very enjoyable Saturday morning..~~

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