Monday, February 2, 2009

[E&I cum PE]

:: E&I cum PE ::

Satu petang di pantry office..satu tgh hari to be exact sbb tym tu baru jek lps lunch..aku teserempak dgn sorg Senior Engineer nih a.k.a aku nye mentor ar selagi aku keje sini...aku quote skit ape die ckp...

"It's a good news you have new E&I Engineer but the bad news is, he will be our P.E first before having new P.E."said super boss to the mentor.

Therefore, basically I works as P.E...hurm...actually, i really dont know how to start to be as P.E since the project that assigned to me already halfway + there are some internal problems's not a major but as first timer, i need to work harder than ussual...

as a P.E from my understanding, I need to know everything and ensure all the tasks assigned in the plan will be executing accordingly without any my first project...not my first, my half project, it should be completed in april 2009...early april...

i'd made a S-curve to see what is happening now for that project...sad to say, the S-curve didn't shows the best curve because it has a huge steep at the final stage of the project...but, it's oK to me because this is the challenge i need to face in real life...just do ur best and very best to please everyone..

hurm..for sure, there are a lot of readings need to be done...a lot of questions need to be answered...a lot of time need to be dedicated...a lot a lot a the way, it is a great pleasure to me to have this kind of oppurtunity...just grab the task given instead of complaining.. am i right ??..this is how you can appreciate ur works and deal with it....

even though i'll be as P.E at first place, my appointment letter stated me as E&I Engineer...thus, i can gain my experience in project management as well...the huge problem now is i need to settle down & interact with officemates since the source is be honest, this is what i want...try something new...something that i haven't tried before...eXacTlY

Note: P.E aka Project Engineer

-EnJoy uR liFe as yOu dEserVe iT-


  1. challenge is good actly..
    its can discover a new thing bout ourself dat we dunno before dis..
    for me la kot ;p

  2. kinah: btul dah tu kinah...thx..

  3. okeh.ko suke challenge kn?xyah la msk xde challenge.hehe

  4. robo: apehal ko nih ?? x puas ati memanjang...ko jd robot aku xpnh kesah...

  5. welkem..haha,gado mende r korg neh..wat r post tuk senang..aha~


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