Saturday, June 13, 2009

[5 dAyS #1]

...let me starts to update what was I doing for the whole week..

Day 1 - Monday

Nothing much to do for ussual, Monday blues will always boring..just going to work as ussual early morning..going back home in the afternoon..then, went back to Klang to change car...along the way to Klang, waited for Ungku at Kampung Baru LRT Station..the traffic is so terrible..drop by to Tesco Klang although Ungku had a very bad experience with Tesco..he open minded..actually, i went back to Klang with Shahril & Ungku...had a dinner at Pelita..then sent Ungku home..going back home to change car...heading back to KL...

Day 2 - Tuesday

As ussual, going to work early in the morning...left the office in the afternoon...before heading home, Faidzal treated me KFC...met with Kak Yati (manager) at KFC...dont know what to do...directly went to TGV to watch Terminator..felt asleep during the movie..damn tired...heading back home at Kampung Baru..did some house chores..then went to bed...

Day 3 - Wednesday

Went to Dayabumi to attend meeting..almost halfday at Dayabumi..just before lunch went to KLCC to go to the office..going back early today..why ?? because i have workshop at PERMATA in Bangi on the next 2 days..waited for Ungku at Kampung Baru LRT Station..he dont want to take Komuter because it too crowded..i knew because i had experienced it before..traffic as ussual super sux..reach home at Klang at 915 PM after sending Ungku at his home..

Day 4 - Thursday

Had a workshop at PERMATA Bangi..a whole day workshop..BORING

Day 5 - Friday

Had a workshop at PERMATA Bangi for second day..a whole day the afternoon, I have a role play to simulate in front of the managers...acting weirdly...but I assume I did quite well...drop by Murni at Serdang Komuter Station after the workshop...get lost little bit at the Mines...reach home at 800 PM...had a futsal match at 1 AM ... fetch Ungku & Achik at their home ... perform very well especially to the panna goals..double pannas actually..what is panna?? panna equivalent to OLE...went back home at 4 AM after sending Halif & Achik to their home..

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