Tuesday, July 21, 2009


:: PISAU itu TAJAM ::Yup !! I'm get used to it
Why am I posting this ?
because 1 of my friend just reminded me his situation
the same situation
on what had happened to me few years back
it happens again NOW !!
Yup !! I'm get used to it
Pisau Itu Tajam
that is what my feeling few years back
it much hurting u if the knife stabbed u from the back
(metafora ke)
why it's hurt ?
belakang kite kan kurang dgn daging
that is the reason why

but it's true
the knife is sharp
that is the feeling i felt for the past couple of weeks
being ignored
being blamed of provoking
being misinterpreted by others

my question to all of you is
What would you do if you in my situation ??

p/s: I hope you guys understand on what I'm trying to convey here.

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