Tuesday, August 11, 2009


:: The True Color ::

today is a new day ... once again ... a very dull but interesting day ... early in the morning, my boss called me to get an updates on what had happened for the last week ... hmmm ... actually, everything is in my laptop ... Ouchhh !! ... but, with confident level I had this morning, suddenly "dgn selambe" I can answer correctly without referring to my "note book" ... why it is so happens ??

"Aku di BRAIN WASH" & "I have to STOP arguing"

Thank you to the brain washer ... actually, it related to the case I wrote before ... let make it as a history ... we move with a more happier posting ... if you want to ask about my feeling, obviously I'm not 100% recover from my past ... so, what I'd done during working hours beside doing my daily works that getting more and more and more endlessly ... however, I think, I manage to get it done accordingly ... thanks to God ... actually I still have an headache ... I think it get worst day by day ... I need to go to doctor after this I guess ... (I'm sure it not related to my case but somehow it affect but not much ... 3% only kot)

What is the next step ?? "FACEBOOK" ... To maintain and sustain my performance & mood at work, I believe FACEBOOK & WORKS are meant to be together ... they should be paired together to ensure you at your best level of your work ... I managed to complete 1 Quiz which I believe my office mate (in fact she seated behind me) also took the same Quiz ... The Quiz is "The Real True Colors" and I obtained "GOLD" as the result ...

Description: GOLD



Time for Family



Lack of control

At work you provide stability and can maintain organization. Your ability to handle details and to work hard make you the backbone of many organizations. You believe that work comes before play, even if you must work overtime to complete the job. In love you are serious and tend to have traditional, conservative views of both love and marriage. You want a mate who can work along with you, building a secure, predictable life together. You demonstrate love and affection through the practical things you do for your loved ones. In childhood you wanted to follow the rules and regulations of the school. You understood and respected authority and was comfortable with academic routine. You were the easiest of all types of children to adapt to the educational system.

My Opinion:

"I believe 80% of them is TRUE"

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