Wednesday, August 26, 2009


:: MOVING ::

Hectic days lately ... @ 2 PM, I went to Dayabumi to have a meeting @ 230 PM ... but, before that I've to meet my Boss at the same building @ 2 PM ... oK! ... 245 PM only I managed to meet him ... after having some discussion for presentation package which need to be presented next week, before I left, he said;

Boss: Now you have a lot of works to do right? (with a smile)
Me: Yes sir !!

out of anywhere, I added,

Me: This only for 2 years maximum right boss?
Boss: (he blurred initially) You'll be going to Kerteh right?
Me: (OMG !! I'll be moving to plant so early ?? I'm shocked) Hmm.. MTBE sir..@ Kuantan..
Boss: So, how is it going now?
Me: I'm not decide it yet sir. I need to cop-up with day-2-day work here first.
Boss: Ouh..oK then..
Me: I don't want work at here haven't finish, then suddenly I go there..
Boss: oK..let me know if anything..
Me: Thank you sir..

Am I moving to PLANT ??


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