Thursday, September 24, 2009


:: Egokah Kamu ?? ::

Are you an egoistic?

What a selfish act practices by those who might be thinking that he/she so damn good. It’s fine to me or maybe to yourself because it may suit you the best by acting that way. I’m trying hard to reduce the level of my egoistic but it takes two to tango. By clapping using a hand it won’t produce any sounds. Is it realistic enough? Every time when I was thinking and spoke to myself, “should I tolerate on this?” and yet the answer is’ “YES, absolutely!” and I believe it.

As time goes on, I really sincere to myself and others so that any pessimistic impact or it should be rephrase in this manner, “I may not be a perfect person, occupied with weaknesses, and may be a malefactor, but, you too. Everybody is not perfect or ideal". The differences make others better than us is just a manner & how they demonstrate the manner to others. Is it crystal clear?

Hopefully you take into custody the meaning behind the words. I may not be this calm & will prolong trying to be as tolerant as I can, but the main thing is, the past is history, current is present and tomorrow is mystery. The mysterious situation makes me continue my passionate to overcome this and at the same time trying hard to conquer myself so that I could be serene.


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