Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[QuarTer 1]

:: Selangor vs Terengganu ::

Last night, I went to Stadium Shah Alam (SSA) to watch quarter final match of Malaysia Cup ... I left around 1815 hours from KL and arrived there around 1930 hours ... As usual, heavy traffic & jammed here and there ... urRggHHh ... from my observation based on previous match I'd watched at the stadium, the crowd quite interesting in term of their behaviors and their numbers ... however, we were frustrated by the game itself ... the reasons are:

** before game started **
  1. Terengganu not showing their sportsmanship. To me, they are just coward. But, I've to congratulate them for winning the psychological battle.
  2. Selangor not playing as what crowd was expected. They just can't create their own game and pity to the defender because they have to play harder than the midfielder and striker.
  3. The most useless or maybe the 12th player of Terengganu which mean to be Safee Sali is really 'SUX'. It can be proven from one of the dialogue I'd heard "Aduh, dpt kan no. 10 je, sure habes", said by one of the brother nearby.
  4. The referee, contribute to the dissatisfaction of the crowd with 'silly' judgement.
** 1st goal score by Selangor **
Nevertheless, Good Luck to Selangor for 2nd Leg this coming Saturday. By the way, last night game end up draw 1-1.

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