Friday, October 16, 2009


:: Senget Away Day @ PD ::
**@ Kampung Baru Putra LRT Station
Last Saturday on the 10th October, all the 'sengets' of GTCM went to Port Dickson for a 1 nite trip ... it was awesome ... we charted a bus from KLCC and stay for 1 nite at PD ... uRghhH ... a lot of activities were done ... a lot of activities ...

**impromptu games show**

**beach valley ball**

**marco polo vs chris columbus**

**pasar malam gathering**

**BBQ nite**

**sharing, listening & laughing**
**breakfast open house**

**beach valley ball**

**make-Up make-Over**

**swimming lesson**
damn tired ....


  1. thanx for the phoTo!! =)) huhu
    is dat really u yg duduk kecik tu?

  2. no prob dear !!
    kalo la i yg duduk tu, sape yg nk amik gmbar ek ??

  3. mane tau..ur konco2 in crime ke..geng2 senget ke..haha..still nak tau apekah bnd kuning itu..banana boat kah?

  4. ha ha ha ... geng in crime ?? ha ha ha ... bende kuning tu banana boat kot ... me myself not sure ... ha ha ha ha ha


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