Saturday, October 17, 2009


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I don’t know what to write actually. However, I still want to note down something. I’m acting bizarrely lately. I noticed that but I don’t know what actually happens to me. The biggest blunder I’ve done so far is to stroke that thing. You know, it’s not good for your health. It’s a clear cut fact that you’ll suffer at the end of the day. Thus, I’m slowly trying to get rid of that thing from my body. It’s hard initially, but I think I manage to do it.

I was reminded by a friend of mine. Firstly, although I’m acting weirdly, don’t take that thing. Although, now we may not as before, I appreciate the advice. Secondly, a friend of mine told me that, you’ll suffer in a long term. Thus, I STOP. NO NO NO !!! I’m slowly stopped taking that thing.

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You may speculate, what is the ‘thing’ I mentioned after all this while ?? Frankly speaking, I can’t tell. I’ve to respect my right as human being to be saved and to be respected. I hope you understand. Seriously, I’ve no idea to write about. After stopping taking that thing, I noticed that my ability of playing futsal back to par. During the time I was taking that thing, I can feel my entire body manage to play and get along with it very well. I played happily without pain or tiredness. Now, I’ve to depend to my own vigor entirely.

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