Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[uLu YaM]

:: Senget @ Ulu Yam ::

24th October, Saturday – Ulu Yam . . .

Senget Team had organized another away day at Ulu Yam Waterfall (tak tau name btul die). More or less, the same participants had participated in the splendid event. They left from their own residence around 0700 hours to 0745 hours and met at Terminal Putra LRT Station in Gombak. Although the preliminary plan is to meet at 0800 hours, but due to astonishing circumstances the plan was shifted to 1 hour later. Of course some of them who already arrived early at the designated destination such as Hawa and Jamel, but it are not a reason for them to de-motivate to continue with the plan while waiting for others to turn up.

They reached Ulu Yam around 1000 hours (estimated la ok) and set-up a tent and foods since the activities is more likely a picnic style. There is still impromptu games designed during the event that being held in the stream. The team then stays in the stream quite a long time before end the picnic around 1400 hours. Then, the team went to Kak Azrina’s house to have some food to be eaten due to the extra-ordinary open house made by Kak Azrina. They reach there around 1600 hours due to heavy traffic and unskilled driver to lead the way. Around 1800 hours, they went back to their own house with blissful faces.

**macam karangan budak skolah rendah la plak !!

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