Friday, December 25, 2009


:: Busy Tak Busy ::

Ok guys ... minggu yang amat busy dgn limitation kemalasan nak access internet lelame ... why busy ?? hurmm ... ntah lah ... maybe time management kureng kot ... tp, aku rase kali nih mmg busy btol kot ... bukan busy la ... just kurang masa ... tade istilah busy dalam kamus hidup oK ... fyi, as of now, jadual aku yg dh confirm as below:
  1. 26 Dec & 27 Dec will be in Melaka for my brother's wedding.
  2. 28 Dec on leave but in the afternoon will be going to Melaka to continue OJT.
  3. 29 Dec - 2 Jan will be in PPMSB for OJT.
  4. 3 Jan is a rest day (Ahad kot)
  5. 4 Jan & 5 Jan will be back to office but 5 Jan tu maybe ade rehearsal utk SkG-12 Forum.
  6. 6 Jan & 7 Jan will be in Pan Pacific KLIA for SkG-12 Forum.
  7. 8 Jan will be back to office utk prepare workshop.
  8. 9 Jan & 10 Jan reserve for my brother's wedding in Klang.
  9. 11 Jan & 12 Jan Subsea Control Workshop.
  10. Nak amik cuti panjang end of January.
Enough said. Tomorrow nk gi antar my brother kahwin kat Melaka. So guess what ?? My turn is very very soon. But then, still tak prepare ape ape agi kot ... calon pon tade agi nih ... special one pon tade agi nih ... awak special ke ?? jawab awak !!! MOURINHO the Special One !! ha ha ha
*gambar bosan bosan tade kaitan (2nd CM Onboarding @ Renaissance Hotel)

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  1. Busy btol ni....hehe
    bgs2...carik duit utk future!
    all the best ;-)


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