Thursday, December 17, 2009

[PPM:Day 1]

:: Day 1 @ PPMSB ::

Hai all ... Today is my first day in Petronas Penapisan Melaka (PPMSB) ... I'll be here for a short plant attachment ... I would say, On Job Training ... overall, I'll be here until next year but there is ON OFF situation due to my commitment in KLCC as well ... fyi, in Melaka, I stay in Ayer Keroh, 25km from PPMSB ... although it quite far, to me it doesn't matter as long as I can gain my knowledge in technical area especially in Instrumentation & Control ... First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Manager (GTCM) to release me for a short time period as well as Mr. TP (PPMSB) for his efforts to coach me here ... today, I've learn a lot ... to me it's quite a lot ... if I managed to go for OJT before my ACD assessment, I would say I can manage to get another awareness/knowledge level ... but, never mind ... fyi, during Turn Around & Revamp, they will punch in at 7:30 AM and punch out after 6:00 PM (you know what I mean hopefully) ... with that, I hope my energy level will sustain as just now I manage to climb up about 10 - 15 meters just to look at the ROV (some sort safety valve) ... really great ... will update again later ...

Lesson learnt today:
  1. Trip point calculation.
  2. MOS - Maintenance Override Switch
  3. Function Test
  4. FSC - Function Safety Controller
  5. FLD - Functional Logic Diagram
  6. Initiator & final element
  7. SIL - Safety Integrity Level
  8. IPS Layer - Instrumented Protective System Layer
  9. C&E Diagram - Cause & Effect Diagram
  10. Honeywell FSC configuration
  11. MDF - Main Distribution Frame
  12. System Cabinet


  1. Hihi
    Term2 yg dibuat masa intern, terasa tua skrg..
    All the best for a bright future, aite Jamel!

  2. sonok2 bace rakan2 seme da jd engineer y bejayee. baguih2.. gulark azmil! :)


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