Thursday, February 4, 2010


:: Regret ::

have you ever 'regretted' on what you have done ?? no matter what ... in life, in your relationship, in your works or in yourself perhaps ... the root word is REGRET ... how much do you understand with this word ?? how you going to interpret it ?? with what basis you want to measure the level of your regretful ?? it's very subjective ... am I right ?? with that, let us begin our topic here ... the purpose I'm writing this is just to share my thoughts ... to me, you should regret on something which give negative impact to you, your family etc. caused by your actions ... remember, it should be caused from you yourself ... if not, why bother to have that 'regret' feeling ... you should responsible on your actions ... if you have done something that is not right, cause harm to others, then you have the right to regret on your actions done ... simple as that ... due to that, now I feel very much regret because I was not enjoying my lovely moments few years back ... I was not fully equipped with sweet memories to be in remembrance due my past actions ... as we can see here, after few years, then only I feel regretted on my actions ... I should be more responsible towards myself ... oHhh ... now I realized, thus, lets enjoy every seconds, every minutes, every hours, every days while we are breathing ... be responsible to yourself ... appreciate your life more than usual ... thank you ...


  1. Nidji - Arti Sahabat

    Tak mudah untuk kita hadapi
    Perbedaan yang berarti
    Tak mudah untuk kita lewati
    Rintangan silih berganti

    Kau masih berdiri
    Kita masih di sini
    Tunjukkan pada dunia
    Arti sahabat

    Kau teman sejati
    Kita teman sejati
    Hadapilan dunia
    Genggam tangank

    Tak mudah untuk kita sadari
    Saling mendengarkan hati
    Tak mudah untuk kita pahami
    Berbagi rasa di hati

    Kau adalah..
    Tempatku membagi kisahku
    Kau sempurna
    Jadi bagian hidupku
    Apapun kekuranganmu

  2. Ain: ape kes post lirik ??

    Kak Sue: No pRob :)

  3. the one thing that always keep you from having regret feelings is 'good friends'


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