Monday, March 29, 2010

[March in Blues]

:: March in Blues ::

People who were born as a man have huge responsibilities as he grows up. Sometime, your surrounding just doesn’t bother on your actions or any pre-cautions steps you take. Who should be blamed? Frankly speaking, from my point of view, there is none. Nobody should be blamed. As my topic for today entry is just to share my thought or maybe you guys can give some thoughts or advises that may help me later on.

Recently, there are a lot of things I’ve been thinking of. I felt that I can’t stand to it anymore. In March, a lot of things happened. From what I’m expecting up to those which I’m not expected. I knew, it is just a weird feeling to think it at the most. I would say, I just think about it too much beyond my capability. I just can’t tell you guys what is the exact situation on what I’m facing right now. It’s just not the right moments yet.

Yes! It’s true that our of hundreds friends of mines, there are several who knew me, whom I trust the most, they might knew what I’ve been thinking of. Yes! Several friends to me are just less than 3 persons. Hopefully they just don’t bother when I seek advices from them. I knew that they have plenty of works need to be done, but …. Hurmm …

I just don’t like to write anything now. I just want to gain my mood. I just want my life back. I just want to do what I love most. I just don’t get it what I want right now. I just want to be myself. I just want …. Hurmm ….


  1. huiyo..mane ko dapat marker paintball AK-47 tu jamil..lawa siot

  2. ko mmg ampeh lah ... aku punya la tulis dgn emosi ... ko tanye pasal marker paintball ... ??? takleh blah ... aku main kat kuala selangor dlu ...

  3. heh.. bile mau ajak ge tengok u maen paintball lg?


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