Tuesday, June 8, 2010

[Being an Employee]

:: Being an Employee ::

It’s been almost 1 year 2 months I’ve been in this company. Everything is going very fine and smooth I guess. It may be quite contradict to others who might think differently. I was recruited as Skill Group Secretariat for Instrumentation & Control in April 16th 2009. The main role as secretariat is managing the skill group. Quite challenging at first place because the person I will contact the most consists of Technical Professionals and Technical Managers. How on earth I’m as an executive could perform that job? After all, it just goes fine although it have hiccup here and there. After 6 months in the company, the department has restructured. Previous I’ve known as Skill Group Secretariat, now my position change to Skill Group Technical Planner for Instrumentation & Control. Since I was in company, I was attached to Research & Technology Division. However, after 1 year 2 months in the company, the company itself has restructured their organization in order to enhance the management. Now, I’m residue in Human Resource Management Division. It quite shocked actually to hear that. Nevertheless, my job function is still the same as before. No matter on which division I residue, I’m on my way and with all efforts, I’m trying my best to enhance technical capability of Instrumentation & Control fraternity indirectly. I may not have the expertise in term of technical aspect but I believed in team work. Now, here I am.


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