Saturday, June 5, 2010


:: Horror ::

It's around 4:45 in the morning ... I just came back from Futsal ... quite tired but "full with satisfaction" ... hu hu hu ... nothing to share here except some updates on what had happened few days back ... I was lucky to be on my own ... I was lucky to be myself ... ^sometime the stupidity just don't stop there^ ... I've to follow them as well ... *it's crap* ... how many times I need to suffer ?? Suffer from what ?? you tell me !! seriously, I had enough ... nobody will understand this ... nobody will be trying to understand this ... ha ha ha ... what I have is only pen, notes & laptop for me to do some work before the weekend ends ... bye !!!


  1. PrinceDuyong: well ... itu je xtvt bersukan yg leh join ... ade team ??? jom main skali ... hu hu hu

  2. hmmm yerp..rmbut same itam ati lain..kdg2 kite cube paham tp gagal..

    n now, i dun want 2 understand people as people dun understand me..fair enuf aite??

    tp itu ke yg menggembirakan kte? okay aku merepek! =)

  3. KN : ha ha ha ... ko merepek lagi merepek dari aku yang kurang makan kerepek nih ... wakakakakaka

  4. hahaha..nk wat cne~~~ =pp aku sukeeeee!

  5. KN: dah dah dah ... lagi mengarut dh nih ... meh tolong aku donlod Tiger Player ... aku tatau menatang ape tu ... tp yg aku tau codec aku cm sampah ... xleh tgk muvi dh nih ... donlod baru pn xleh gak ... meh tolong aku lagi bgs :D


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