Tuesday, June 1, 2010

[People & Demarcation]

:: People & Demarcation ::

hye people !! hu hu hu ... how are you guys doing ?? hopefully, everything is going well and smooth ... just a quick update here ... to tell about people and demarcation ... few days back, I was called to conduct a random test organized by myself ... target audience of the survey is among my friends and colleagues ... very random ... basically, I just create a scenario to see the level of willingness of people to help their friends ... hik hik hik ... not much actually ... just to see where is your position to them ... simple right ... trigger with some question and scenarios ... received many reasoning, advices, excuses as well as no answers ... ha ha ha ... why I did the survey ??? basically, I've learned few things before this ... one of them is to put a clear demarcation between you and others ... thus, I arrived to the conclusion that, as human being I should put a demarcation between me and my friends so that both parties have fair and square ... bye !!!

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