Monday, July 19, 2010

20 Days to Go

Salam Satu Malaysia ...

Sesi carutan akan bermula. I'm counting days to celebrate the most disaster day I ever had in my life.It's happened on 8th August 2009, which is a week before my convocation day. The date reminds me a lot of happiness, sadness and not to forget lessons learnt. Since then, my act much more influence by the incident. I shouldn't expect more since I may don't have the capacity to handle the situation. That is the most regretful acts I've been doing for the past couple of years.

Now, it almost a year. See my countdown counter at the side, it shows almost 20 days to go. Yeah !! I can't wait to celebrate it. However, my guts seems like showing that the same incident might be repeated once again. The next question to be asked is,

"Why now?", "Why me?", "Where goes wrong?".

I won't tell much about the situation. Perhaps later. It will be a misery if ........ However, for time being you may refer to my previous post. A year before. You can predict what had happened. I'm wishing myself best of luck to face it another time for the sake of acquiring people skills and survival skills while networking with others. This is life experienced learning. Thank you.


  1. Hapiz: errr..aku dah lama convo...nk dekat setahun dah lah ... grrrr ... salah prediction kau... :)


Thank you for your comment :)

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