Sunday, October 31, 2010

MotoGP 2010 - Oct.'10 Wrap Up !!!

Salam Satu Malaysia ...

Hey !!! What's up ?? Been quite a while not updating this blog huh ?? Too busy ?? Nah nah nah. I'm not quite surprise if the reason was busy. It just don't have enough time to write on something. Or perhaps, just don't feel to write. So, what to write for this time huh ?? Actually nothing to update. Perhaps I'll summarize what had happened in few weeks back. More or less, it just the same routine works I've done in the office. Not much. Quite headache for sometime. Somehow, I managed to handle it pretty well though. Good for me.

Enough about works because it will be no ending story. Let's move about event.In October as well, I couldn't remember the exact date (9 & 10 October if not mistaken), I took an opportunity to watch Malaysian Grand Prix 2010 at Sepang International Circuit. This is my first time watch MotoGP live. Been there for 2 days. First day for Qualification Day and second day for Race Day. Everybody knew who won the race. Just to re-cap, Velentino Rossi won the race while Jorge Lorenzo won overall MotoGP 2010. It was awesome !!! Throughout the week, I watched the exhibition held in KLCC just to grab the momentum and feel prior to the event. Once again, really worth to watch it live. So, enjoy the photos yaa.

= = Qualification Day = =

= = Race Day = =

Perhaps MotoGP was not grand enough as FI used to be. Nevertheless, judging from the crowd I believed it has its personal impact towards Malaysian Motorsports Industries as well as Malaysian Tourism. Apology for being such a leader by saying that. But to me personally, I'm impress. Thumbs up to organizer. Both for F1 & MotoGP. Keep up a good work. Yeah, now I sound like a leader. Peace.

So, what's going to happen next? Personal life? No !! No !! No !!. Wait for a while. I just want to enjoy myself first. Not enough memory to think about others just yet. I know it's important but not now. It just not the right time. Sorry for disappointing you gals. Ahakz~. He he he.

By the way, perhaps not many people know that I'll be going to Krabi, Thailand with few friends this coming Thursday. We'll be taking a bus to go there since our objective is to have a great adventure. The plan is to be there until Sunday. So, can't wait to meet up everybody in Thursday. Hopefully, everything gonna be fine and smooth. On top of that, my other objective is to capture the moments and the nice view with my camera which currently still not ready since I've sent it to repair. Not to worry, we always have the back-up plan.

Till here then, wait for my next entry soon.

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