Wednesday, October 29, 2008

[ Project + Test = Happy ??]

hari ni, aku bgn amat awl sgt..purpose?? sbb nk setelkan project, sbnrye smlam aku yg tido awl..stress teramat..xtahu nape ttbe je stress tu dtg..bile hangout ng mmber², its not that obvious..suddenly, bile lepak sorg² tu yg terase stress tu..agipon, aku agak stress sbb smlm test OM aku xperform as i was to be..or dlm kata lain, BELOW PAR !! whaddee..nk tau sbbnye ?? sbbnye aku rase, aku dh bace bnde² tuh dari last semester lagi..fyp aku kan tajuk ke arah situ..bile dh bace bnyk kali, mmg rase buhsan +, test smlam bknlah mcm fyp aku tu..totally, mmg aku xleh nk wat ape dah..

crite pasal test smalam, aku duk kat kursi blkng skali (3 akhir) area penjuru, aku dpt lah tgk org² lain buat test..mcm² gelagat ade..kelakar pon ade test aku sndri pon xtau nk buat, nk tgk org tu lah realiti kehidupan..while i'm typing, angin amat kuat di luar..nk ujan ko jap agi nih..jarang benar ujan lps² subuh nih..tgu je lah ape jd nnt..habes² test, trus je ke Sitik tuk dgn bdk² nih (ryas,nazmi,kinah,huda,ira,bib,ija)..tym nih, ok !! quite fun but not too funny..hurm..

balik² jek dari dinner, bkak pc tgk berderet dah org PM kat gtalk..komen psl gmbar aku dukung bdk kecik..nmpk cm aku dh ade gaye nk jd bapa nih..hahaha..ntah lah..ready ke x, tak, dlm bnyk² msg yg ditinggalkan, aku tertarik dgn satu msg nih.."ko punye project e-mach dh siap??"..tym aku balik, dlm keadaan xberapa stabil sbb nk pikir OM, CE etc.. ttbe tnye projek e-mach, mmg aku xrply...bkn xnk rply, tp keadaan tu xmemberi aku ruang tuk rply..sorry..tah ar..jarang benar aku xrply msg org smlm tu mmg aku x rply..tapi xpe..sorry!!..then, aku proceed skit ng 'kungfu panda' nk bg ilang tension kununye..buleh tahan lah...

after that, gi lah buat report OM..nono,mela, hana ng elin dh mntak dah part memasing..nk xnk, aku msti submit sumting by that nite..walupun dlm keadaan mamai + xde mood, gigihkan jugak diri nih nk buat sume tuh..hehehe..tapi xpe, tu tanggungjawab aku ng contribution aku kat grup..hurm..once completed, aku pon mule nk tido..tym tu baru kol 1206 pagi..b4 tdo tu, smpat lah msg org² yg ade presentation esknye (rabu)..walupun msgku tdak berbalas, tapi xpe..keikhlasan mengucapkan gudlux sudah cukup utk aku..hehehe..tym baru nk stat tdo, 2 msg bertubi² msk dlm hphone..whaddee..tym aku awake xnk lak msg..bukak², tgk satu dari 'EE Dinner' comittee..aku abaikan..satu lagi dari 'trett trett'..haish~..nk rply ke xnk nih ??..musykil²..aku decide xnk rply..

kol 4-430 alarm keep on ringing..aduh..nk tdo pon xsng..die suruh bgn buat pojek OM ar tuh..gigihkan diri gak bgn, gi mandi, smbung buat keje..on kan jek monitor, dpt lagi msg kat gtalk.."diorang nk tanye pojek emach ko"...satu lagi bencana pojek...buzy kan duk UTP nih ?? sorry dude, aku tym tu dh tdo..xdpt nk aku rply la kat hphone die sbb tym tu aku dh quite stable skit..hehehe..kire mood dh ok skit, guess what ??..hari nih, dean's list award ceremony..aku mmg tgu ke hari nih ?? tah lah..aku pon xbrape nk pasti aku tuk dptkan degree kat UTP nih, aku target setahun sekali dpt dean's list..alhamdulliah mission accomplish dari last semester..aku xtarget tgi sgt..just so so..

hurm..bnyk dh berceloteh + mengarut kat sini..tapi xpe..korg nk bace, bace lah..xnk sudah..hehehehe..btw, b4 aku tglkan arena nih, nih aku nk paste gmbar OM project aku skit..hehehe..asik cite psl OM project jek kan..nih lah project kteorg..kaji + merepek Iro-Iro Restaurant..nk promote skit ar skali restaurant tu..hehehe..
p/s: sorry Elin..gmbar ko xdek..hehehe..sape suruh gi bile souvenir nk smpai ek ?? hehehe..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

[hOw 2 gEt a Job 4 thE h0LidaYs & beYonD]

According to Shawn Boyer, CEO of , a job board for hourly employees, the competition this year is particularly tough.

bla bla bla ....
but certain things that open up my mind is ...

No matter which sectors you target, employers can afford to be pickier than ever because there are so many applicants for each available opening. To maximize your advantage, Boyer suggests you bring the following four assets with you to interviews:

Flexibility. This year even more than in the past, it's essential that you be available to work whenever you're needed, including nights, weekends, and what retailers call Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) - or even, in a restaurant, catering, or movie theater job, on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Warns Boyer: "If you aren't willing to take on inconvenient hours, the person behind you in line will be."

Enthusiasm. "You need to show a genuine upbeat attitude," says Boyer, "because interviewers want you to pass that along to customers and co-workers."

Knowledge. Study up on each company and its products or services, especially if the job requires you to deal directly with customers. "Around the holidays, with the crowds and the stress, customers tend to get impatient, and if you can't answer their questions, they get even more irritated than at other times of the year," notes Boyer. Job interviewers are well aware of this, so go in knowing your stuff.

Experience. As with any other job interview, applying for a job you've done before gives you a real leg up. If not, look back over your work history and try to find something similar. That part-time job waiting tables that you had in college, for instance, might have taught you a thing or two about mollifying dissatisfied customers, so be ready to talk a bit about that.


-Full Article-

Monday, October 27, 2008

[gTalK sTatUs]

Hi all..
some people say, ur status reflects ur can it be true ?? u judge it..
guess what ?? not ur 'status' thing, i mean ur gtalk or YM status lorr..
it's quite funny to read the status of ur friend @ enemy list..
yurp..the status express ur anger,sadness,happiness even jokes..
the status also shows how & the way u think..
here, i'll highlight the status from my gtalk list..

  1. Adlina - Available
  2. Aishah Atos - Available
  3. Ayend Rupaidi - ~~So~~ So~~
  4. Azizi GG - pikaa~
  5. Azlil - to judge someone you dont have to be a judge nor take law lessons. all you need is self confidence and a pinch of sarcasm
  6. Azra - tenet sengal la..dikala2 ni la nak down
  7. Azman Aziz - Available
  8. Badr - last week of classes ever
  9. Bob Rumet - Available
  10. Chong Hang Kin - "seberapa pantas"-Sheila On 7-
  11. Epair - OM Test & Project Mode
  12. Farrah -you were always a sure thing for me =)
zzZzzZz....dem..too many to type..i paste it here lorr..pls help urself to have a look..
dont forget to click for better view..(xkan tu pon nk ajar kot)...

My gTalk List :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

[ tHe w0rSt dAy ]

what a rough day is today..dari ptg smpai ke malam, str8 naseb x menyebelahi aku..dari pagi td igt nk buat pojek OM + study OM test construction a.k.a wakeup call berbunyik smpai ke's OK !!
life must goes on..
ptg terase nk gi makan mee hailam Parit kat Parit lah..amat sedap kot mee hailam die..hehehe..jauh tu dari UTP ke Parit..berbekalkan duit petrol RM15, gi sane ng Nazmi..smpai² sane, sume kedai tutup..whadddee...dlm hati dh terbakar dah..itu suruh mkn kat Pak Ali jek xmo..jual mahal sgt..tapi xpe..
life must goes on..
lapar nye psl, trus ar gi Rosegar..order lah Nasi Ayam Black cm sedap..mkanan smpai, pe lagi mkan, sedehnye..xde lah sedap aku expect tgi sgt..xpe xpe..
life must goes on..
ondaway balik, singgah jap ar kat pasar malam..situ best..ade jual kuih² tradisional..siap makcik tu sound agi..nih kueh koci.. (mcm lah aku xtau kueh koci tu cmne) ..adoi lah..xpe xpe..l
ife must goes on..
pastu, malam osmet² mngajak ke mpley biru..kunun² tu port Chelsea a.k.a Stamford Bridge..aku pon xtau ar..order lah Milo + Garlic Cheese Nan..air smpai tepat pada waktunye.. tp, cheese nan aku tu xsampai²..hangin tol..dh ar tym tu Chelsea tgh kene tinggal..lapar lak tuh..xleh blah tol..demmit..demmit..dh balik, sure kne bahan..tu lagi demm..tahi tahi..the worst day ever..haish..xpe xpe..
life must goes on..

p/s: sume cite nih psl makanan kan !! haish..cmne nk diet !!

[ 10 bUsinEss FacTs ]

Are you bored?
Here's the cure !!
Have you ever thought of these:

  1. A meeting is an event at which the minutes are kept and hours are lost.
  2. A failure will not appear until a unit has passed final inspection.
  3. Any system which depends on human reliability is unreliable.
  4. The degree of technical competence is inversely proportional to the level of management.
  5. The remaining work to finish in order to reach your goal increases as the deadline approaches.
  6. Don't fix something that ain't broke, 'cause you'll break it and you still can't fix it.
  7. For any given software, as soon as you master it, a new version of that software appears.
  8. A man with one watch is certain about time. A man with two watches isn't.
  9. The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.
  10. Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence.
just wondering..
it's quite true sometimes though..
kih kih kih..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

[ tEniS vs sQuasH ]

1st tym try main TENIS..based on invitation from saha & geng..gud game acttlly for the very 1st timer to play like me..looks stupid sometimes..but, nvm it's worth to give it a try..pergh..tenis frm my point of view, xssh mane..just nk control bola supaya x melayang tu yg agk² ssh awl² tuh..compared to squash, tenis x penat mane fun lah..mayB xpenat sbb beginners main kan..hehehe..squash penat sbb main indoor..air accumulated, less oksigen, tired squash ade memorable moments..pheewiitt..hehehe..squash pnh dpt CHAMPION dlu..year 2007 if not mistaken..main dpn rEcTor court..hehehe..teammates with aH-pump, kAsmaN & sweet mng tym tu..hehehe..

Champion Squash Carnival 2007 - In Memory

back to tenis game early morning just now..hurm..thx to Saha for coaching me td..marvelous..siap call lagi suruh turun main..hehehe..main ng dorg yg dh lame main mmg cungap skit² as a "sportsman" it doesnt matter at all..kih kih kih..but, it is a great pleasure to try new things while in UTP..dunno why suddenly, rase amat SAYANG kat UTP nih..hurm..mayB dh final sem thing yg xbest tuk every sports ni, lps main sure ade pengambilan kalori pas main, direct hit to Deli Planet tuk breakfast..2 Roti Canai plss..very enjoyable Saturday morning..~~

[ uTp TaLenT sEarCh ]

one of the worst UTP event i ever go.. UTP TALENT SEARCH
huhu..performance contestants overall still on par..ade jek yg below par (tu xyah cite ar)..whaddee smpai jd cmtu..anyhow,batchmates aku Jimmy qualify to final & kteorg gi utk support..overall quite OK!!..Jane so cool,
Jimmy sempoi, Oliver buleh lah,Trio not bad, Tengku hurmm Dell speechless..winner goes to Oliver then Tengku and Jimmy..flow event pon cm yg best, RECTOR bg full support kat event² UTP..tu yg best rector nih..surprised with burfday celebration by organizer (happy burfday Rector 24/10)..flow evnt agak kelam xpe..OK! lah..naseib baik lah performance between performances membantu evnt nih..

nih yg nk cite lebeh..event asal xmenarik sgt..aku suke modern dancers yg menari tanpa segan silu..dorg amat style menari ala² hantu baru kuar style..then performance lagi yg best, hoppers menari sakan..dorg so so damn fucking good in dancing..pergh..mmg aku respect kat dorg..since ini event ICC, doKmaT xkan ktnggalan perform kan..performance DoKmaT and sUper Friends pon style gak..lagu teratai tu amat yg super hot damn hell cool is
ESTRANGED..congtraz to organizer sbb dpt amik dorg tuk perform mlm tu..dgn 5 lagu dorg main..dgn RM 5 tiket aku beli..mmg aku puas ati ar dgn dorg..drummers pukul mmg balun padu nye..bassis die mmg style xhengat..vokalis suara xpecah..guitarist style style..performance dorg aku bg 5 STARS..

event tu diselamatkan oleh performance² jemputan..taper² the end of event, last but not least, mapleyseran ar..xmakan dari pagi..pagi brekfast kat tmn maju jek..pastu kene bahan lak ng dak² nih..bajet po..mmg lapaor kot..kih kih kih..

p/s: gambar² nnt upload ek..hihihi

Friday, October 24, 2008

[CarEeR DiLeMmA]

not to forget..
2 hari lps aku gi interview memain Schlumberger..pas interview jumpe abg. Idham (AI)...nih conversation die...

Aku: cmne nih abg idham..bile nk tau result interview PETRONAS ??
AI: tak tahu lah..
Aku: cmne nih, nk apply cmpny lain pon, dorg cm nk non-scholar jek..terawang²..
AI: xpe..kamu apply jek..

(aku pulang dgn senang hati utk apply cmpany lain..gembira di situ kejap)

2 hari berikutnya..lokasi di Pocket D..MISC & MMHE..

Aku: kak, nk form MISC..
Kak HR: amik situ dik,then tulis name..
Aku: maseh kak..

(aku isi dgn tulis resume smule tuh..aku amik MMHE nye skali gak..halfway isi..)

Aku: kak, btul ke MISC xnk scholar PETRONAS ?
Kak HR: yer dik..kami dpt arahan, jgn kacau stndt PETRONAS..
Aku: MMHE ??
Kak HR: samelah dik..
Aku: then, dh halfway isi form nih, xleh gi interview ke??
Kak HR: nnt kak tnye talent resourcing nye org jap ek..

(dlm 3-4 minit lps tu)

Kak HR: kami dpt arahan jgn kacau stndt PETRONAS dik..
Aku: Aduh..cmne nih..
Kak HR: adik isi form tu kat bilik dlu..esk² antar sini smule dgn resume..
Aku: kire xde interview ar utk scholar ek ??

(kak HR tersenyum bangga + tersipu² malu)


soklan² maut dlm HR form memane cmpany..cmne nih ?? adekah aku akan jdi one of the "most loyal employee" of PETRONAS ?? aku dpt rasekan bdk² MARA sume tgh gembira msk interview tu..bak dlm status Aju "non-scholar untung ble tgh cr keje"..tah lah..ade baik buruk aku rase klo kite pikir positif..dare to comments ??..

[wOndEr tEsT]

tenet UTP mmg 'power'..seharian smlam xde tenet..nk bukak 'google' pon xleh..mmg menarik minat pelajar utk buat ulangkaji..xleh blah kan..??tp tu lah realiti..xsume yg kite nk bleh dpt..same lah mcm aku smlam, test E-Mach nmpk mudah, tp Quiz nmpk xtahu lah sejauh mane kebenarannye, kene tgu result kluar far, aku agak kurang puas hati ar dgn performance test aku smlam..aku rase ade 'sumting' yg xkene..kurang tekanan yg buat aku rase cmtu..mksd aku kat sini, tekanan semasa amik test..berbeda dgn test 1, aku amat tertekan sbb striving to be the best..end up, careless, 2nd test nih, xtau lah cmne kan..


smlam in history, 1st tym tuk final year nih aku buat 'PJJ'..klu xtau PJJ tu ape, tnye mmber2..lame xbuat..last skali aku buat tym smlm mmg style, bg aku, aku respect bdk yg tnye aku smlm tuh..desire to have the knowledge tu yg buat aku respect ng die..almaklumlah, kite nih kan kne mendampingi org berilmu..kire die pon ade ilmu, aku ade ilmu, korg ade ilmu, sume ade nk off topic nih..mksd aku kat sini, walu ape pon stuasi, ilmu klo nk carik xdehal..teammates project e-mach aku pon nice gak..suruh dtg kol 10, dtg die pd waktunye..terharu aku walupun aku expect die, credit to Amir Ashyraf for ur outstanding efforts..

enough kot till here..
mls dah..aku bkn jenis suke bekias²...hehehe...

Thursday, October 23, 2008


smlam mmg lebri cm duk umah sndri..
jgn jeles org² yg tgk aku gi lebri..sesungguhnya aku ke sane adelaaaaa..=trett trett=..kih kih kih..
(lu pikir la sndri)..nk gi klas, sume klas cancel..
tp ade satu tragis berlaku sekembalinye dari lebri..tu xyah cite kot..Aju dah tau..hahaha..
thx aju sbb jd rakan sepengumpatan smlam..tmbah dosa skit..aduh..
topik smlam "SOTONG"..

hari baru..mase baru..sume baru..arini ade test e-mach yg btul² aku tgu..
pdhal tgh cuak tahap tentuluran sungal..
yg best nye test petang nih..aku target full mark..
xkan nk bg ahnep,ryas ng dak² lain full mark..tgu je la cmne hasel nnt..
usehe usehe dah...
tp tu xpenting bg aku..aku buat sebaik mungkin sudah..

Sample (bkn gmbar sebenar)

aku xde idea nk tulis ape..hidup kekadang amat kite kene corakan hidup ini..bgi aku ade '1' item penting tuk hidup yg perlu kite ade.."MENGHARGAI"..
menghargai org lain penting bagi aku sbb dari situ baru kite bleh expect org nk appreciate kite plak..aku suke appreciate bnde² yg aku ade xksah bende hidup,abstract,etc..kekadang mmg kite lupe nk hargai bnde² dpn org pnh ckp, bnde depan mate ade xnk amik..nk gak carik jejauh..nk hargai org/bende bleh je gne ape² care pon as long as korg happy..tu dari care aku lah..sbg contoh..klo aku nk hargai org² yg btul² org, just be fair to them,telus,caring..etc etc..
satu cnth agi..klo nk hargai tmpat bljar or bilik ar dlm konteks yg lebh kecil, KEMASKANLAH BILIK ANDA..sekian..

lmbat plak wakeup call rini..sesape gi inteview, gudluck..sspe yg belikan roti aku smlam mekaseh gak..tgh² mamai tym tu..sorri~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


22/10-Rabu..amat tenang pagi nih...tidak mampu melelapkan mata kunun² ngntuk x, ape plan anda hari ini ?? klo aku lah kan...kalo aku lah...

  1. Sarapan
  2. Library - study Emach skit (esk test)
  3. Kelas - Emach - IACS - CE (klas CE xleh ponteng..die dh knal)
  4. Library semule
  5. Ptg berehat skit
  6. Mlam Library semule
  7. After library malam, buat esemen OM....

Library Kami
amat rutin keje² tu sbnrnye...xtau nape aku suke gi lebri..bkn lebri tu tmpat seswai tuk lepak..ade bnyk bnde ko bleh buat kat situ..tido bleh..stdy bleh..usha org pon bleh gak..untung² dpt 3gp tu bkn keje aku..kih kih kih...

main reason nape aku gi lebri sbb, jap agi ade 'wakeup call' bak kate Mesol... construction blkng nih ar..pabila synchronous generator die tu berada 10m dari pndangan, mmg biol telinga nk dgr..isk isk isk..agi pon aku ske architecture library tu..masyuk woo~...xcaye ?? lantak korg ar..

ade satu agi point penting nape aku suke gi library skang..hehehehe..sebabnye..suke hati aku lah nk gi ke tak..tu bkn point die..sbb kat situ aku bleh release segala tension tp akan membawa pulang stress baru..stress pon kene tukar², rerajin kan lah diri gi lebri..bnyk bnde leh dpt..bkn sng nk usha awek org kat situ..(salah satu idea die di situ)


'blogging is gay'... tu quotes sape tah ... but gay is happy ... tu bkn point di sini ... struggle gile nk bgn awal pg nih nak setup blog as requested by hanep,thakif etc....thx to riyas yg sudi kejutkan aku tp aku xbgn pon tym ang kejut tu...

1st post nih xde mende sgt kot...just nk try² dlu...nk PM org awl² pgi nih, xde pon sorg tgk status x idle tu bz...student tu bkn point di sini...main point di sini, aku mengantuk and aku nk tdo dlu...

'blogging is gay' doesnt apply to the 'blogger is gay' which 'gay'='happy'

mekaseh kat kamus ahnep ... aku baru tau mksd happy tu ... keriangan + kegirangan ....
maseh gak kat beger sbb quotes tu ...

More in here ...

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