Saturday, June 27, 2009

[uPdaTe sKit]

... ptuihh ...
... ptuihh ...
... habuk sangat blog nih ...
... (mengambil vacuum lalu mengON kannye...) ...
... zazzzzz zazzzzz zazzzzz ...
... bersihlah jugak skit ...
... adoi ...
... baru nk updet nih ...
... battery lappy dh flat ...
... charger lupe bawak ...
... lein kali updet ok ...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

[5 dAyS #1]

...let me starts to update what was I doing for the whole week..

Day 1 - Monday

Nothing much to do for ussual, Monday blues will always boring..just going to work as ussual early morning..going back home in the afternoon..then, went back to Klang to change car...along the way to Klang, waited for Ungku at Kampung Baru LRT Station..the traffic is so terrible..drop by to Tesco Klang although Ungku had a very bad experience with Tesco..he open minded..actually, i went back to Klang with Shahril & Ungku...had a dinner at Pelita..then sent Ungku home..going back home to change car...heading back to KL...

Day 2 - Tuesday

As ussual, going to work early in the morning...left the office in the afternoon...before heading home, Faidzal treated me KFC...met with Kak Yati (manager) at KFC...dont know what to do...directly went to TGV to watch Terminator..felt asleep during the movie..damn tired...heading back home at Kampung Baru..did some house chores..then went to bed...

Day 3 - Wednesday

Went to Dayabumi to attend meeting..almost halfday at Dayabumi..just before lunch went to KLCC to go to the office..going back early today..why ?? because i have workshop at PERMATA in Bangi on the next 2 days..waited for Ungku at Kampung Baru LRT Station..he dont want to take Komuter because it too crowded..i knew because i had experienced it before..traffic as ussual super sux..reach home at Klang at 915 PM after sending Ungku at his home..

Day 4 - Thursday

Had a workshop at PERMATA Bangi..a whole day workshop..BORING

Day 5 - Friday

Had a workshop at PERMATA Bangi for second day..a whole day the afternoon, I have a role play to simulate in front of the managers...acting weirdly...but I assume I did quite well...drop by Murni at Serdang Komuter Station after the workshop...get lost little bit at the Mines...reach home at 800 PM...had a futsal match at 1 AM ... fetch Ungku & Achik at their home ... perform very well especially to the panna goals..double pannas actually..what is panna?? panna equivalent to OLE...went back home at 4 AM after sending Halif & Achik to their home..

Thursday, June 11, 2009


FIRST LOVE ?? How will you define FIRST LOVE ?? I did some research regarding this topic. Let me pull the information from googling technique before I proceed with my story telling session.

" Woman's happiness begins with her first love and ends about then "
" Men always want to be a woman's first love - women like to be a mans last romance "
" The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can ever end "

These are some of the best quotes I guess. Now, let us begin our story telling session. You may wonder, why suddenly my posting related with friendship, love, sadness, happiness and all emotion related. Once in a blue moon, we need to change. We have to do the changes. Human need changes.

My first love? Before I proceed, let me make it clear, to me, it's so called FIRST LOVE. In other words, she is the one I felt that she is very special. I'm not really sure what she feel but I'm quite sure she almost feel the same initially. Why I said initially? The main reason is only the God knows.

Second thing is, why she is so special to me? At first, it just a game with old friends do the gossiping. Until one day, when everyone were preparing for their SPM examination, all the prefects who are used to be called as 'jiwanngs' not ever bother about the examination. I was the one among them. It is a fasting month. What else were we doing during fasting month? Of course, we were preparing 'Kad Raya'. To be frank it's 50% home made card.

The environement was so romantic I guess. The rains falling down slowly outside. After finishing touch up the card, we did an announcement so that that girl can come out to take the card near the security post. We observe it closely, it is very romantic scene. As you can imagine, she walks underneath her umbrella in the cold rains. WoW !! I just can't forget the moment.

Then, for the final paper which is Chemistry. To be frank, chemistry is one of my favourite subject and I always score this subject. Before I took Chemistry paper no 3 which the questions seems like an experimental question, I'd received a 'Goodluck' wish from her. I was shocked. I thought I can do better for the paper. It's absolutely wrong. I just managed to score A2 for the paper. Here you can see the power of her. The power of woman.

After that, during my interview session to get scholarship from PETRONAS, she was calling me. Oh damn !! I was in the midst of interview session. Suddenly my phone is ringging, with a doraemon ringtone, my ringtone makes the interview room feel so relax. In my mind, I really can't accept that. I'm sure I will not get the scholarship. Once again, the God knows best. I secured my scholarship.

Finally, I was hoping that the relationship will keep on growing. Out of nowhere, don't know where goes wrong, she and I just disappear. We just doing our own things. However, I keep on trying and trying until now. Even though, my efforts are not enough, at least, I will never give up.

I'm very sure, she is the one. She is my FIRST LOVE. Even though, I'm not sure what about her, but I'm sure she is my FIRST LOVE. Thank you very much.

Thank you Ms. NHM....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


p/s:Posting nih agak panjang before korg bace, I would suggest you think twice..

The story begins here. Last week I felt really happy. It is out of norms actually. Hang out with friends is superbly the most enjoyable moments. I did believe, once you are in the midst of the happy mode something might not be right later on. It is absolutely true. I would say it is undeniable.

The reason is, life is like a roller coaster. There are ups, there are downs. You cannot get what you want at all time. You have to sacrifice something to get something. As I’d heard, if you want to make money you need to spend money. That is karma I guess.

Back to the main story, we go out together. Actually from the night before, we played futsal together. We won the match with 16-15. It is a great feeling to play 70-30 and you won the match. Thus, you just need to pay 30% out of the futsal court rental. Next day, we go out again to do some window shopping. Even though, the name given was window shopping, but there is no window shopping in our vocabulary. It is okay as long as you gain the benefit from what you did. The matter here is, I feel that I was really happy and tired.

At that night, we will have another futsal match. Another great moment where we still play well and I can assume we won the match again. After playing, we went to ‘yam cha’ (not sure what the term is).

Here is the worst moment. Here where I did a silly mistake. Here where I act out of norms. Here where I did action without doing the thinking. Here where I feel bad. Here where I feel guilty. Here where I feel I need to be alone. Here where I felt I had hurt someone. Here, here, here, here ……….

I feel like a loser. You will know how the feeling is when you feel like you are the loser. Suddenly, I knew that I need to rely on someone to deliver my feeling and what I feel. Here what, why, where, when and how friends are. I’m lucky to have such a good friend. Let me name it as ‘L’. L really is a good friend.

For your information, I never express what I feel, why I feel bad to L. When I’m in the midst of instability in term of emotion, L is there to do some advising, to do the comforting, and to do the supporting. I’m proud to have such a good friend like L.

On the next day, we went to our friend’s wedding. Initially, I’m quite reluctant to go. I told L that I’m not ready to go to the wedding. L knows why I don’t want to go I guess. I strengthen my will to go. Along the wedding ceremony, I felt uncomfortable. I just play with the flow. Follow the flow. Then, we went to karaoke. I don’t have the feeling to do the singing. Out of sudden, I just left them there without prior notice.

I really cannot bear at that time. I just left. At night, I went to KL because I’d decided to stay there because I’m working at KLCC. At that particular night, L did ask me why. Why what? Why did I acting such a way? I just be frank, I don’t have the mood and tired perhaps. Actually, that is not the main reason. I think L knows why. Yet, L still does the comforting, supporting, advising and a lot more.

Now I know who my friends are. What are friends for? When we need friends? Why we need friends? How we know friends? After the incident, I more appreciate L then usual. I more appreciate my friends.

Friends, don’t walk behind me,
I may not lead you,
Friends, don’t walk in front of me,
I may not follow you,
Friends, walk beside me,
And be my friend,

Love all of my friends.
p/s: the letter of 'L' is not influence by any.

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