Saturday, October 31, 2009

[tAk nAk]

ini merupakan posting aku yang serius ... tidak seperti posting posting lalu ... teruskan pembacaan jika anda berminat ... ini bukan paksaan ... sokongan anda amat dihargai ...

semalam tym mase futsal aku ade pam beberapa batang bahan yg tak elok utk kesihatan iaitu rokok ... utk tenaga ke ?? aku pn tak sure ... tapi yg pasti, aku sakit dada lepas tu ... lepas futsal, dada aku terasa sakit dan aku terbatuk batuk ... gambar gambar di kotak rokok memberi sedikit keinsafan ... jika kakiku terjadi seperti di gambar kotak rokok, bagaimana aku hendak bermain futsal lagi ?? setibanya di rumah, aku dpt rasekan seperti rase darah ... maybe sebab batuk yg kuat dan banyak membuat tekakku terluka kot ... walaupun begitu, aku dh nekad dan aku harap ia berjaya ... dengan habisnya rokokku pada malam lepak di mapley itu, itu merupakan hisapan terakhir aku ... mungkin orang akan cakap, poyo gila mamat nih ... tp, inilah yg aku mahukan ... aku harus membuat yang terbaik untuk diriku ... aku tahu dia ade berpesan supaya aku jangan merokok, tapi pada ketika itu aku hanya berjaya menahan utk beberapa minggu sahaja ... aku minta maaf sebab tidak dapat meneruskan niat itu ... dengan ini, aku ingin meneruskan niat suci aku ini untuk berhenti merokok ... kepada dia, aku ingin meminta maaf ... anda tahu siapa diri anda ... anda tahu siapa dia ... dia tahu siapa dia yang aku tujukan ...

Friday, October 30, 2009


!BENGANG! Lirik Lagu Bengang - Akim Aku bosan dengan cinta mu Aku rasa buang masa Kau selalu mendustakan cintaku Aku fikir kau tak searus Lebih baik ku beralih Biar kan diriku terus bersendiri Ku tak fikir engkau setia Walau jasad dan juga nyawa Sebagai tanda cintamu padaku katamu Tak mungkin ku percaya Kata-kata yang penuh dusta Hanya lah bibir berkata yang memilukan Menambah bengang rasa hampa Kerunsingan diriku terasa Cukup berkali kau berkata Jangan diulang lagi dusta Jangan kau pujuk hati yang terluka Tak mungkin akan ku kembali Jika janji sekadar mimpi Tak mungkin ku sama dirimu yang sering berdusta Ulang Korus Letih hatiku diserang pilu Letih hatiku teringat janjimu, oooh caramu Akan ku teruskan hidupku, oh tanpamu Oooooo….. !BENGANG!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


:: Ninja ::
Synopsis (from TGV website):
A westerner named Casey, studying Ninjitsu in Japan, is asked by the Sensei to return to New York to protect the legendary Yoroi Bitsu, an armored chest that contains the weapons of the last Koga Ninja.
I went to this movie sharp 5:15 PM from office. Chit chatting along the way to the cinema. Arriving they with high self esteem. However, while waiting to queue to buy tickets, there is 1 couple with any concerns to others kissing each other. CPR each other (you know what I mean). To be frank, MALAY COUPLE. uRggHhh ... Bought Pop Corns + Cokes ...

My opinion about the story ??? erm ... I rated it 3.5 out of 5 ... quite simple story line and easy to understand ... sometime hard to predict what would happen next but somehow pretty easy to guess ... understood ??? ha ha ha ... ordinary ending ... but, the ninja action and the coolness of each character make me remain seated ... in addition, RM11 + RM15 (pop corns + cokes) is another reason why I remain seated ...

so, what are you waiting for ??? go & watch the movie ... you should have your own time to have some leisure ... go and spend some money for entertainment ... go and hang out with people ... go and get your life be more valuable ... go and socialize ... go go go ... the decision is with you ...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


:: Consultant ::

Hectic day without doing nothing !! Is it consider as HECTIC DAY ?? Keep it to yourself to judge on your own .. Recently, I'm not sure what actually am I doing good to others ... In fact, beyond my control, I might do more harms than good to others ... I'm trying to appreciate she/he as much as I can ... However, he/she would never appreciate the value of appreciation I gave to him/her ... I'm not demanding on something ... What I want is we can build it up as before ... I'm not sure whether it is appropriate or not to mention it in this manner ... I'm quite sure that she/he would have read my words here and start to ponder about ... It really make me happy when I receive something that others might think it just an ordinary thingy but to me, it valuable ... What the craps I'm writing about ?? I just want to promote the advertisement ... That is it !! Thank You !!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[uLu YaM]

:: Senget @ Ulu Yam ::

24th October, Saturday – Ulu Yam . . .

Senget Team had organized another away day at Ulu Yam Waterfall (tak tau name btul die). More or less, the same participants had participated in the splendid event. They left from their own residence around 0700 hours to 0745 hours and met at Terminal Putra LRT Station in Gombak. Although the preliminary plan is to meet at 0800 hours, but due to astonishing circumstances the plan was shifted to 1 hour later. Of course some of them who already arrived early at the designated destination such as Hawa and Jamel, but it are not a reason for them to de-motivate to continue with the plan while waiting for others to turn up.

They reached Ulu Yam around 1000 hours (estimated la ok) and set-up a tent and foods since the activities is more likely a picnic style. There is still impromptu games designed during the event that being held in the stream. The team then stays in the stream quite a long time before end the picnic around 1400 hours. Then, the team went to Kak Azrina’s house to have some food to be eaten due to the extra-ordinary open house made by Kak Azrina. They reach there around 1600 hours due to heavy traffic and unskilled driver to lead the way. Around 1800 hours, they went back to their own house with blissful faces.

**macam karangan budak skolah rendah la plak !!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


:: Selangor ::
erm .. kalah jua akhirnya Selangor ... so, Selase lepas game last aku tgk live kat stadium utk match Selangor ... seryesly keciwa tahap gaban ... dgn jarang nye miss tgk Selangor main kat home ... this season dh lah paling bnyk aku tgk Selangor main live dpn mate ... skang dh abes dah ... nk salahkan sesape pn tak seswai dah skang kan ... so, terima je lah ... 3 piala in 1 season ... OK kot ... just satu je simbolik kekalahan game dgn Terengganu ... kalah kpd ex-coach yg penah bawak Selangor menang Piala Malaysia dgn Golden Goal scored by Amri Yahyah ... itulah bola ... unik nya bola ... see next season ...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

[a yEaR]

:: 1st Anniversary ::

Today !!
22nd October 2009 !!

[r][E][a][D] & [f][E][e][L]


is celebrating its


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[QuarTer 1]

:: Selangor vs Terengganu ::

Last night, I went to Stadium Shah Alam (SSA) to watch quarter final match of Malaysia Cup ... I left around 1815 hours from KL and arrived there around 1930 hours ... As usual, heavy traffic & jammed here and there ... urRggHHh ... from my observation based on previous match I'd watched at the stadium, the crowd quite interesting in term of their behaviors and their numbers ... however, we were frustrated by the game itself ... the reasons are:

** before game started **
  1. Terengganu not showing their sportsmanship. To me, they are just coward. But, I've to congratulate them for winning the psychological battle.
  2. Selangor not playing as what crowd was expected. They just can't create their own game and pity to the defender because they have to play harder than the midfielder and striker.
  3. The most useless or maybe the 12th player of Terengganu which mean to be Safee Sali is really 'SUX'. It can be proven from one of the dialogue I'd heard "Aduh, dpt kan no. 10 je, sure habes", said by one of the brother nearby.
  4. The referee, contribute to the dissatisfaction of the crowd with 'silly' judgement.
** 1st goal score by Selangor **
Nevertheless, Good Luck to Selangor for 2nd Leg this coming Saturday. By the way, last night game end up draw 1-1.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


:: 2 Stories ::
Confuse !!! am I confused ?? OMG !! seriously, I'm confused ... Confused of what ???
  1. Me & myself
  2. Friends & others
  3. Career & job
  4. Life & live
  5. Passion & interest
Confuse enough ??? seriously confused ??? am I confusing ??
At the same time, I'm waiting ... Waiting ??? what am I writing about ??? uRghhHh ... let me reveal what actually I'm waiting for ... I'm waiting for my 1st car to be out ... are you confused & waiting for an answer ??? hurmm


:: The Art of Donkey ::

** Human that don't know to enjoy is a donkey that that work **

** Men that not earn money is a donkey **

** Women that don't spend is a donkey **


From equation 1 & equation 3,
men that not earn money = women that don't spend
men earn money not to let women become donkey! (postulate 1)
women spend not to let men become donkey! (postulate 2)
men + women = donkey + earn money + monkey + spend money
therefore, from postulate 1 & postulate 2,
man + woman = 2 donkeys that live happily together

** aku dh pening **


:: ThInG ::

I don’t know what to write actually. However, I still want to note down something. I’m acting bizarrely lately. I noticed that but I don’t know what actually happens to me. The biggest blunder I’ve done so far is to stroke that thing. You know, it’s not good for your health. It’s a clear cut fact that you’ll suffer at the end of the day. Thus, I’m slowly trying to get rid of that thing from my body. It’s hard initially, but I think I manage to do it.

I was reminded by a friend of mine. Firstly, although I’m acting weirdly, don’t take that thing. Although, now we may not as before, I appreciate the advice. Secondly, a friend of mine told me that, you’ll suffer in a long term. Thus, I STOP. NO NO NO !!! I’m slowly stopped taking that thing.

** Not Related Anyway **

You may speculate, what is the ‘thing’ I mentioned after all this while ?? Frankly speaking, I can’t tell. I’ve to respect my right as human being to be saved and to be respected. I hope you understand. Seriously, I’ve no idea to write about. After stopping taking that thing, I noticed that my ability of playing futsal back to par. During the time I was taking that thing, I can feel my entire body manage to play and get along with it very well. I played happily without pain or tiredness. Now, I’ve to depend to my own vigor entirely.

More in here ...

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